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how to manage time
how the best entrepreneurs use their time
News:  How many times have you noticed that the best in every field have no idea what's going on in the daily news. Check in every once in a while for brief updates.  Once every two weeks to start and you'll realize you didn't miss anything.
Touch things only Once:  You opened that bill and set it down to take care of later? The most successful either identify something as important and finish it or they delegate it to others  (see also 80/20 rule)
Email - Focus on what you wanted and not everyone else's distractions, there will be many every hour of every day.   Schedule theirs during a very short time each day.  (Add meetings in here also - delegate what you can.  Beg off on others due to focusing on something you HAD to get done - and then get that done to show why.
Sleep - It means everything to your heart, mind, and mood.  Commit to going to bed at the same time each night.   We are repurposing our lives so we jump out of bed in the morning to accomplish something.  (it's 7:14am on a Sunday for me now) I scheduled this yesterday.
Morning Ritual -  When you talk to the best Entrepreneur's the first thing they want to talk about is their morning routine.  Everyone's is different but they all end up coming back to "Making the bed", journaling, exercise, reading...
Inspiration -  The best have a Muse - as you gain influence you should be reaching out (YES - reaching out to THEM)  Learn, DO, Teach is the tenant of growth.  You will be shocked at how accessible people are when you genuinely want to grow and you are asking them the questions to replicate what they've done.
Reading - Every day!  Learning meaning reading.  We're not talking Danielle Steele with a strapping man holding a woman in his arms.  Put down the remote, Put down the Call of Duty controller.  Take control of your time means putting down the other controllers.
Homework:  Meta-Story -  look that up and do it - Stuart Lichtman has a horribly named PDF that will absolutely help you get past the blockers everyone has inside.  Do you notice you get tired or distracted when you are working on something and it's slightly difficult?  That's a type of blocker we need to identify when they happen.
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