“What can I be grateful for?”

It is getting close to that time of year when you change the channel on the TV to find that somewhere on one of those 1000 channels you will inevitably find Jimmy Stewart starring as […]


Foundation Course 3: Overview

WELCOME to the Final Chapter:   Advanced LEAD MAGNET and OptIN. If you want to start at Video1 in the series. Video 3 Below: IF you want to see this Live:  We are doing […]


Foundation Course 1: Manage Yourself

Welcome to the first step in Exploding your business in 3 easy steps. Background:    Most marketers start off selling someone else’s idea or product.  It makes sense unless you have a Marketing degree and […]


Commitment to YOUR goals!

How to Remember the “Things that Matter” I had a memory that made goldfish seem wise. My two girls would remind me about events, food and exit ramps at the last possible second. Typically, I […]