6 Great reasons to become an affiliate Marketer:

Yes, you can do affiliate marketing:

affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing

6 Great reasons to become an affiliate Marketer:

1. Start-up costs. Unless you have a Marketing Degree, 10k-100k in Venture Capital to spend on a product (with a warehouse) or an idea and you can’t get on Shark Tank to get help. 96% of us work from home types start as an Affiliate Marketer. Lots of Free Trials to look around: depending on the business. *Disclaimer - Some out there say if it’s not free beware of a Scam.
--- I’m of the opposite mindset – When have you gotten ANYTHING that lasted long term “for free”. How much actual support did you get over the next few years for that *FREE” item that is supposed to make you 10k a month . I laughed just typing that.
Please, if you can come up with even One, comment below. I’ll add them to a bullet list below this line. If you state YOUR marketing venture – bring your tracking stats with you.

Grandma’s home-baked cookies - I fought this one at first, due to the stipulation of  lasting  long term AND ‘support for the next year’, but Grandma’s always bring more so I added it. (that’s it though – no more mooching off of family members) – that’s MLM

2. Other Peoples Product: You promote other people's products: Do a Google Alert on Affiliate Marketing and you will get several hits per day on another company looking for experienced affiliates – in 5 years it might not be dominated by Amazon, Clickbank, Clicksure, Rakuten, and Ebay, to pop off some big ones right now. The Larger old brick and mortar Companies are coming out constantly. The Lager and Reputable they are, the more they will want to see your site and past results.

Bill Gates Quote
Bill Gates Quote

3. Instant Startup - No need to hire staff, though you might end up using the services of websites like Fivrr.com (odd tasks) people with the skills will do for you (logo, website, coding) starting at (you guessed it) 5$. You can’t master everything, focus on your path and pay a few bucks to save you 2 weeks of time.

4. Digital Freedom. The ability to work using your laptop from anywhere that has an internet connection and a soft chair. THIS is the holy grail of work and you will see your fair share of beaches and sunset banner ads now that you know. It’s like buying that new car and the next day you are seeing them everywhere.

5. Work whenever you want: (Just Kidding) IF you don’t bust your ass and work as hard for yourself as you did as an employee at the office for that boss that made your eye twitch. You are going to fail - 97+% chance actually.

6. Gain Experience - Once you have the techniques and tactics down as an Affiliate doing campaigns on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Blogs, Copywriting, etc. You’ll have ideas constantly popping into your head along the way on that ONE thing YOU could start-up. (Write those down).


Remember those that hesitate today never get that flash at fortune.  Those that made millions before are those that dared to step forward.   Those that plunged in once the recognized the opportunity.    If you loved this article, click the banner below and join me.   If you liked this article take a moment and share it using a button or two below.  Thank you, for your time and attention.




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