Beginning steps: Website creation

This was asked in a 34+ non-stop comment fest in the Jamie/Hillary blog 3 posts below: so I'm attempting to answer it here:

Current Focus is on "Free" advertising with content:

How to build a website:

Divi - Best beginner in my opinion -

Parallax -

Sydney is b.e.a.utiful -

Keep looking - I use MH newspaper as I have a ton of guest blogs as I love differing opinions on the same topic.  There is no such thing as competition once you understand the pie will always be there.  Share what you have if you want to attract.
Website optimization (with a purpose).
  • how to use the right fonts and print sizes -  16+ point font (Pick 3 fonts (Headline / Text / Quotes) and keep them.  
  • how to use the banner sizes that are the most shared 728px by 90px and 250px by 250px.
  • Add your Plugins -  SumoMe is Uh-mazing and takes care of quite a few processes you want
  • Add your Privacy Policy, Terms of use, and Disclosure.
  • Add your Google analytics
ONCE we have that down it's on to phase 2:
  • Your content "must" match the "Google Search" your customer puts in.  IF not - add it.
  • Audio books - See DFEzine in the menu - The only difference between you today and you a year from now is the books you read/listen to and the people you meet.
  • Answer any question that is asked - If you don't know the answer, go find it.
  • Love the product you are promoting or delete it.
  • 10% Marketing, 90% self-development - this isn't silly word fill - you stop you die online.
Phase 3:  Events:  either SFM or your business idea:
  • End Goal?! you say?  Spend more time with the customer - minimum 20 minutes before they purchase.  An ad to a squeeze page (email capture) to the product in most cases gets people that were curious but not "SURE".
  • Webinar  on [ Your topic Here) with a days notice 
  • 3+ page series on the website to gain leads/conversions
  • Ebook for sale or as lead magnet for either of the 2 above

Quick Video on How to pick a Host system - Grab a Theme - and GO!

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