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Goal Setting – LifeTime of Freedom #2 Video viewed Watch the videos on the membership page: Stuck trying to create your own product to sell? “Announcing a Brand New, Done-For-You Private Label Rights Package You […]


Digital Product Master: Blog

Why Info Products Easy to create. Low overhead. No inventory headaches. Can sell on autopilot 24/7. Passive income. Credibility builder. Easy way for a solopreneur to work for themselves. Can run the business anywhere there […]

Affiliate Backlinking

Affiliate Marketing Success: Ep1 Backlinking

“What is Backlinking?”  The quick answer is it’s Syndication. “Stop making me Google words”  Okay –  Both of them mean we are working together as a team or joint venture and sharing content.    Backlinking […]


MasterMind Series: Pleasing Personality

Develop A Pleasing Personality: Pleasing Personality is the sum total of one’s mental, spiritual, and physical traits and habits that distinguish one from all others. Your personality is your greatest asset or liability. (PMA)Positive Mental […]

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E-book Friday

Ebook Friday’s – One E-book a Week for 52 Weeks Ebook Friday’s Greetings, friends. For signing up for E-book Friday. Every Friday, I send out an exclusive email with an Ebook I’ve purchased with the […]

Applied Faith

MasterMind Series: Applied Faith

This entire series is in Reference to Napoleon Hill – Easily the father of Motivation and Thought design.   Whatsoever a man believeth that shall he also reap. Faith is not something you get. Faith […]


MasterMind Groups: Magic Key

You have just been presented a “Magic Key”. It is the same key used throughout time in one form or another, by all groups that are founded on the philosophy of optimism. “The Magic Key […]

Group Harmony

MasterMind Groups: Harmonious Success s2

What is a Mastermind Group? Originally from Andrew Carnegie with Interview by Napoleon Hill:  2 or more minds come together to form the MasterMind: There is synergy of energy,  excitement, and commitment amongst the participants brought […]


Beginning steps: Website creation

This was asked in a 34+ non-stop comment fest in the Jamie/Hillary blog 3 posts below: so I’m attempting to answer it here: Current Focus is on “Free” advertising with content: How to build a […]


DianeEldridge: Self-Discipline

“I think self-discipline is something; it’s like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets.” Daniel Goldstein Lack of self-discipline can lead to failure, frustration, unhappiness and underachievement. How many times have […]


George/Jinny: Tsumani

The World Wide Web, something to embrace or fear? What does it mean to you?   Entertainment? Communication? or Education?   Well, what if you were shown the skills that could be used to create […]

Online business for the future
Dr Wayne

Dr.Wayne: Online business for the future

Online business is where you take you current business to the next level   Dr. Wayne – Guest Blog of the week Online business for the future is for people wanting to […]


Magnetic Marketing: Attract vs Sell

Magnetic Marketing – Content Marketing You are 600 Leads away from earning $50,000 dollars a month as an Online Digital Marketer: IF your current Corporate boss told you:  “Get this company 600 visitors a month […]


“What can I be grateful for?”

It is getting close to that time of year when you change the channel on the TV to find that somewhere on one of those 1000 channels you will inevitably find Jimmy Stewart starring as […]


Foundation Course 3: Overview

WELCOME to the Final Chapter:   Advanced LEAD MAGNET and OptIN.     If you want to start at Video1 in the series.   Video 3 Below:    


Foundation Course 1: Manage Yourself

Welcome to the first step in Exploding your business in 3 easy steps. Background:    Most marketers start off selling someone else’s idea or product.  It makes sense unless you have a Marketing degree and […]


Commitment to YOUR goals!

How to Remember the “Things that Matter” I had a memory that made goldfish seem wise. My two girls would remind me about events, food and exit ramps at the last possible second. Typically, I […]


The Dreaded Gray Zone!

There are 3 areas:  Personal , Work, and if you’re there now – Your Online business. The Gray area is when you are thinking about your personal issues at work. Your work during personal time, […]


Visualization and Strategy Goal Mapping

Visualization and Strategy Goal Mapping: “Every day, in every way.  I am growing and getting better and better.”  Émile Coué “partial wiki copy” – Coué … had been operating a free clinic at his home […]

how to manage time

Take Control of YOUR time!

News:  How many times have you noticed that the best in every field have no idea what’s going on in the daily news. Check in every once in a while for brief updates.  Once every […]