Foundation Course 1: Manage Yourself

Welcome to the first step in Exploding your business in 3 easy steps.

Background:    Most marketers start off selling someone else’s idea or product.  It makes sense unless you have a Marketing degree and a fully formed product to go with it.    For those of us that don’t, we join an Affiliate Marketing group.  You go through the training and you offer their product to the World.

You want a product that is competitive.  You want a product you can look your customer in the eye in the video or the webinar and know that this will solve their current problem.  How do YOU stand-out when we are all fishing in the same pond?


The Video below will take you through the beginning process.   At the end,there is a simple exercise.


That 3 videos explain the Advanced Process in detail.   That process should get you hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of Leads depending on how you promote and execute.










Page1 Conclusion:

IF this is making sense to you so far:  And you want to continue to page 2:  Click on Two of the Social Warfare buttons below.   (This is part of the experiment.  I will share with you the results).

(IF you plan on becoming a marketer and you want to excel at it, you should join all of them).   Much of this in in Page2 if you want to wait.


IF you just want to get ALL of the pages and join me in what I am doing here click Below and take the 47$ offer.  The 47$ gets you 6 months of video up front and 1 on 1 working sessions with me to implement this strategy from start to finish.


SFM Trial Offer
SFM Trial Offer



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