Diane: Just What Is Intention?

Just What Is Intention? Diane Eldridge Strangely enough, everywhere I turn, the same word pops up across subjects and topics of interest. The word, “intention.” For instance, set your intention; write your intention; and repeat […]


Beginning steps: Website creation

This was asked in a 34+ non-stop comment fest in the Jamie/Hillary blog 3 posts below: so I’m attempting to answer it here: Current Focus is on “Free” advertising with content: How to build a […]


DianeEldridge: Self-Discipline

“I think self-discipline is something; it’s like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets.” Daniel Goldstein Lack of self-discipline can lead to failure, frustration, unhappiness and underachievement. How many times have […]


George/Jinny: Tsumani

The World Wide Web, something to embrace or fear? What does it mean to you?   Entertainment? Communication? or Education?   Well, what if you were shown the skills that could be used to create […]


“What can I be grateful for?”

It is getting close to that time of year when you change the channel on the TV to find that somewhere on one of those 1000 channels you will inevitably find Jimmy Stewart starring as […]