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Focus on your goals: Commitment

How to Remember the “Things that Matter”

I had a memory that made goldfish seem wise. My two girls would remind me about events, food and exit ramps at the last possible second. Typically, I was going through life distracted by the thousands of things that really didn’t matter.  I had notebooks full of task lists that never stopped growing.  Mostly due to the fact that most of the tasks were not generated by me, for me.   1200 – 1500 emails a day from computer systems having issues, other groups or employees having issues.  Go back 20 pages and you notice the dates are changing but the problems and tasks remain the same.

Three things that turned me around

The daily Pass / Fail sheet:   Start listing each evening the things YOU took action on that day that moved you towards your goals in our Online Business.  And on the other side actions taken that caused a setback “Pizza” and “Burgers” seem to pop up on occasion in mine. Another one that pops up “Didn’t update my Pass/Fail sheet”.  The genius behind these though is YOU give yourself credit for the success.  Each time you see repetition in the fail column it causes focus to prevent you from having to write it "Again"


Daily Pass fail commitment sheet

The weekly checklist:     

Your-Daily-Method-of-Operation-–-Pathway-to-Success-1.pdf  (SFM BackOffice)

I just start it on the other side of the notebook and work back on that one now.  Previously I was using a spreadsheet and it was just tedious to switch back and forth.   I also use this for my employee’s at work with different work related headings – it has worked amazingly well as a quick reminder of what you’ve been putting off after you see a few blanks in a row.

Daily Method of Operations
Daily Method of Operations


I’m a HUGE fan of Stuart Lichtman: and have spent a few hundred hours listening to his tapes to and from work.  I’ve already done a few of the meta-stories and have reached 4 goals already.  Started this July 22nd of 2016.  Losing 20 pounds.  Getting 400 leads and 4 sales in 40 days.  Talked my boss into letting me come to work at 5:45am and leave at 1pm to beat the traffic was a big one.  Making the Leaderboard at SFM in 38 days was by far the Super Achievement.  I’m not about to teach you anything specific as I’m still just scratching the surface of Stuart’s book, but his e-book is one item I think Everyone should do for an instant boost in success.


Thank you for your time if you reached this point :).  To advance your goals ever forward we need to focus on what matters above all else.    For those interested in Starting the journey to Digital Freedom Click the banner below to start.     And as always, if you enjoyed the article give it a Like and a Smile.

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Inspiration:  "All great people of history, all the heroes and leaders and innovators who lit humanity's way out of darkness and ignorance, forged within themselves the courage to overcome their internal conflicts when it mattered most."  -  Brendon Burchard -  Motivational Manifesto page 134.

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