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My Directory Of Ezines Review – A Great Resource


Product Name: Directory Of Ezines
Website: directoryofezines.com 
Price: $197 – lifetime membership
Owner: Charlie Page
Ranking: 8 Out Of 10

I’ve am a member of the directory of ezines,

So let’s review DOE shall we?

Now one thing about the directory of ezines is people tend to make the mistake of thinking it’s similar to other directories such as the Ezine Article Directory which is a sharing site for articles, and in many cases useless garbage articles at that.

The Directory Of Ezines is nothing like that, the DOE is a database of high quality ezines that sell advertising, publish articles and do joint ventures.

So What Is The Directory Of Ezines?

Ok, before I get to much further I should explain what an Ezine is.

An ezine is simply an online magazine or newsletter that is delivered to a list of opt in subscribers by email on a regular basis. And some of these ezine mailing list can reach in the millions.

And there are just as many ezines as there are topics. So no matter what niche you’re in there is probably an ezine dedicated to it.

The directory of ezines is owned by Charlie Page. And Charlie is one of the most respected online marketers on the planet because of his products and his integrity.

Charlie started his online career using the directory of ezines to make money online. He became so successful that just a short 18 months later he bought the directory of ezines, and that was well over 10 years ago.

As I mentioned the DOE is a database of high-quality ezines that you can use to quickly find ezines that sell advertising, publish articles or do joint ventures with.

Using this database is far more efficient than trying to source out ezines through typical search engines queries. The only downside is that you only have access to the ezines that are within the DOE database.

But there is still an advantage to the DOE database because there is a huge vetting process you need to do using the search engines to source out an appropriate ezine.

Once you’ve found an ezine though a search you need to gather a lot more information about the ezine prior to advertising.

Such as:

  • What is the circulation?
  • What is the ad price?
  • Is there a discount for multiple ad placements?
  • What is the publishing schedule?
  • What is the ad deadline?
  • What are the ad guidelines?
  • What is the reader demographic?

And so on…

The advantage of DOE is that it gives you all this information and more at the push of a button.

Who Is The Directory Of Ezines For?

The Directory Of Ezines is for any online marketer that wants to use ezine advertising as part of their overall marketing strategy. And it’s a fantastic marketing method for affiliate marketing.

The huge advantage of ezine advertising is before you spend one dime on any advertising you know exactly who and where your target market is. And knowing this information is pure gold!!

For example, if you have a website all about remote controlled cars. All you need to do is search for ezines that cater to remote controlled cars and then advertise in those ezines to that extremely targeted market.

Now with that said ezine advertising can be expensive. And the reason is, no matter how much research you do, you still have to spend money on the advertising which you will not know works until you spend the money.

And in my experience, no ad is a home run right out of the gate. So there is a lot of testing and tweaking of the ad until it’s a money producing ad. And this all takes money to do.

How Does The DOE Work?

Yes there is a lot inside the DOE but at its core the directory of ezines is a database of ezines. This database is updated every week by adding new ezines and getting rid of poor ezines.

Within the DOE you’ll find hundreds of ezines within 22 different categories. Simply choose the category the best suits the product or service that you’re promoting.

So if you’re promoting a health product, you would choose the Health and Fitness category to see which ezines the DOE has listed.  

The are listed from the highest circulation to the lowest. Each listing will tell you what advertising they do, such as Solo, Classified, Sponsored or Banner advertising. There is also a brief description of the ezine.

For more details about any of the listed ezines you simply click on the ezine link and there you’ll find all the details of that particular ezine:

  • Publication Information – Format, circulation, frequency
  • Advertising Information – Ad type, DOE discount (yes or no), ad pricing
  • Contact Information – Contact name of publisher, email, ezine location
  • Other Information – Joint ventures, acceptance of articles

Here’s a little nugget for you.

You’ll notice that in this detailed information you can find out if an ezine accepts articles. Many people are not aware that you can use the DOE for a resource not only for ezine advertising but also for targeted article marketing.

Website owners are always looking for high quality content, it’s one less thing they have to do if they can use a great article written by someone else. This is a fantastic way of getting yourself in front of a very targeted audience, and for free.

Now I’ve done plenty of ezine advertising and have also written many articles for publishers. And if you’ve advertised in an ezine and then ask to have one of your articles published in the same ezine, you’re chances of having your article published does tend to go up.

Now I’m not saying publishers are biased this way, but having advertised with a publisher you’ve already established some level of rapport with that publisher.

What’s the Price?

The DOE has a one time payment of $197. Well worth the price for a lifetime membership. There are never any added cost once inside the members area.

And anything added to the DOE is included with your membership. And as it’s listed through ClickBank you have a 60-day money back guarantee.

What Training and Tools Can You Expect?

You can expect a TON of training all of which is done by Charlie Page. I will admit some of the courses and training is at the basic level but it’s still very useful.

Take the affiliate marketing course for example. It’s a good basic course to get a good understanding of affiliate marketing. But it’s nowhere near the level of training you would get with the Six Figure Mentors.

Quick Start

Here you’ll find 7 individual sections in the Quick Start area comprising of videos and text. Everything from a complete overview of the DOE to how to use the DOE.

Learning Center 

Within the learning center you’ll find the following information and courses:

  • Affiliate Marketing (basic course)
  • Article Marketing
  • Automate Your Marketing
  • Driving Traffic
  • Email Marketing
  • Ezine Advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Increase Conversions
  • List Building Course
  • Personal Productivity
  • Resale Rights Course
  • Strategy
  • Testing And Tracking

Along with the training you also have…

Rewards Center

Within the rewards center you’ll find:

  • Free Advertising– This is within the DOE and on the DOE classified page. Not sure how effective this really is.
  • Member Only Webinars– 6 webinars
  • Free Ad Writing– This is only for one solo ad


This is the affiliate tools center for promoting the directory of ezines, which earns you a 50% commissions ($90.00).

You’ll find everything from Twitter messages to solo ads as well as banners and PPC ads.


Here you can interact with the other directory of ezine members. You can ask questions, get help with your online marketing even connect with other members to set up win-win joint ventures.

This is also where you can get free consulting from Charlie – this is different then the one-on-one consulting simply because here your consultation is visable to the entire community through the community forum.

You can also strut your stuff in the Members Showcase area. Here you can tell the community about your site and what you’re promoting and you’re also allowed to include your sites link.

You can also get help with writing or polishing your ad. This help will come from Charlie as well as the other members of the DOE.

How’s The Support?

The support is top notch. This is one of Charlie’s biggest areas of focus. Making sure all his members get the support they need.

Now inside the DOE this support is done through the community itself. Charlie is always answering questions and helping his members.

When it comes to technical support for things like a video not playing, downloads or log in issues these are done through his separate support center. Which in fact is his support center for all of his products and services.

I have many of Charlie's products and I can say from personal experience his level of support both personally and from his support staff is some of the best in the online world.

What I Liked About The Directory Of Ezines

There is so much I like about the DOE including;

  • Owned by Charlie Page. One of the most respected online marketers and trainers around today.
  • One time payment for a lifetime membership.
  • No upsells
  • No additional fees for anything added to the members area in the future.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.
  • More than just an ezine directory it’s also a learning center for many other areas of online marketing.
  • Top-notch support from Charlie himself and the DOE community.
  • The community forum where you can interact with other DOE members.
  • The rewards center.
  • Great affiliate program.