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 Big ideas, Big fears: Beginner Marketing 101

  • You want to start a business online but you’ve never done this before
  • You have no Marketing experience
  • You have no Information Technology (IT) experience on the tools and HTML coding.
  • You have a budget that doesn’t allow for $1500 a month for placing multiple ads online (split testing) to see which one performs the best.

So you fall back to the tried but true:  Website / Blogging.

But blogging takes FORever…  it could be a year before your SEO rankings get high enough for the search engines to recognize that you even exist.   So advertising water in the dessert is great – but not when there’s nobody crawling by.

How do we “Express” this process?  How do we solve some of the above issues.



What if you had 5 other people that were doing the same thing you were doing that you talk to every day and meeting once or twice a week to go over the issues or the strategies for that week/month/quarter.

“That’s great – but I need more than a few friends struggling with me”

Do you know what “social media buttons are?  Facebook, Stumbleupon, Google+, Linkedin, Flipbook, Instagram, Twitter, Digg, Pinterest, etc.

What if your 5 team-mates came in, read your blog articles and shared the buttons out to the internet and their followers?   Getting you 5+x the reach depending on their audience.

“Okay – 6 people beats 1 person on sharing.  But I don’t even know what to write about?”

There are courses in the backoffice (home base) and multi-millionaire instructors, but besides them, you are reading and sharing your team-mates blog articles that you can get ideas from in the process.

“What about my technical skills?  I have less than the average Grandpa/ma?”

You should hopefully have “WhatsApp” on your phone and “Zoom” on your laptop.  Those two tools keep you connected to the people that are going through the same exact steps you are going through and can help you through any issues.   Hopefully each of you focus on different tools (Youtube/Facebook/Websites/etc.) and can learn a few insider tricks.   If you get lucky and sign up under a certain person typing this:  He has 23 years of IT experience and has taught this method 22 times now.

“Okay, so I have a team and more ‘shares’ whatever that is, but how does that help me make the money?”

I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know:  The only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve?  Brendon Burchard


Provide a service based on the needs of your customer over and over again with the utmost care and massive action and the rest will come with it.  They will be drawn to you as someone they can trust.  Then your Lifestyle can surely change.

“So you're trying to say I’ll make money without actually saying it?”

So, there are other benefits with teaming up.   Do you know what guest blogging means?   Every few blog posts you share it on your team-mates websites.  Now your article is on 6 websites instead of one.  Much further reach and you have this thing called ‘Backlink’s” that help your status.

And don’t forget, they are sharing their articles with you so that tiny blogsite of yours in now looking 5x larger, five times faster.

“Okay – So your saying I HAVE to put their articles on my site?  What if I don’t like them?”

Psst: it is not about you, it’s about the audience.  Don’t you think they would like to read articles from other men and women’s perspective?  And they would be getting an article a day vs. say a random post every few days when bloggers are first starting out.

How much do I have to pay them to?

  • Share my buttons
  • Read and edit my blog
  • Give me their blog articles
  • Let me put blog articles on their sites

I’m glad you asked:  It’s going to cost approximate 7$ per person a week.  But, you’re not going to pay them directly, you are going to boost 1 of their blog articles a week for 7$ (learning Facebook) and they in return will boost one of your blog articles a week.

“So your saying it’s going to cost me 42$ a week”. That’s not horrible.

Not horrible, not horrible!   Do you not understand that having your blog on 6 Facebook sites being boosted each and every week, week after week after week along with everything else will do to take that tiny blog out in the desert to the first page on Google?

“What’s the first page on Google”?

Okay, when you do a search how many pages back do you go before you pick the article you are looking for?

“There’s more pages than the one that comes up?”


“What’s next?”

Best question all day.  Click the Free 30day trial offer and we’ll put out the call for 5 others to do the same.


We have all taken the plunge into this:  It is not a get rich quick, but a journey of months/years.  Do we try to lessen the time with people that support you as you support them?  Sure, but it takes time and effort and action.

[What if I said I would take you by the hand and guide you through the process?  I would get 5 others to group up with you.  Imagine how close you become sharing your goals and fears.  Sharing your audience and your content with them?   I do this with my new online family: Diane, Max, Ginci, George/Jinny and Jie.

After you learn this:  What if you could reach out to someone,  tell them the above statement in the brackets?


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Inspiration:  "All those who have own major life victories have found that all the resources needed to win are within, and that most knowledge needed to succeed is acquired after action"  -  Brendon Burchard -  Motivational Manifesto page 147.



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