Learn and Do at the same Time: Internet Marketing

Learn and Do

How do you get more done in the short periods of time that have?

Paralysis by Analysis:
So we are all trying to get our new internet marketing business started. We are being inundated with training.
Learn how to post to FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Digg, Scoopit, Instagram. Learn how to create a website. Write ad copy, sponsor ads and lead emails. Figure out rows, widgets and plugins OH MY. Are you Google compliant?


At the end of it, you have pieces of each one of the started. Your online business looks like a teenagers room. Piles all over the place and, how did that get on the wall? Frustration starts to rear its ugly head. Your affiliate mentors are telling you to focus and Master that one thing. They are also giving a Webinar on Thursday on Lead Generation and Traffic Funnels.

Steps to Overcome this:  One of the things I've found that works is I group sections of what I need to do together.  Tony Robbins "Chunking"



Create it -  Don't stop until you have it in a state that you would be okay with if you added a post and walked away for a week.  If you constantly run into issues or your just lost spend a few dollars on "Fivrr" and get the basic website put up and then tweak it from there cutting your time dramatically.

Add Plugins:  Social WarFare, Paypal, Gravity Forms, Tinymce, Sumome

When you add them - Add them.   One at a time until they are configured and done.  Your helpful YouTube videos will walk you through step by step by step.  


Blogs:  Before you write your content - Learn how to write the blog, take some notes on the Fonts to use and then pick a few out.  Get the tools necessary FIRST.   Canva or a similar product to ensure you have images that say this is you when people see your articles.   I've decided 500-700 words are just not my style.  Short and Sweet with Action items is where I like to focus.


Paid Advertising:  

Bing, Google, Solo Ads, Facebook, etc.

If you go FaceBook - Spend a week understanding the Policies - they are not customer friendly when it comes to Squeeze pages (email capture pages).  Spend a week on YouTube learning the 10 different opinions on the "best" style and pick the one that fits you.

Google - Pay to have your site configured to be compliant.  Its worth it over time as Google is strict.  IF you don't have the money.   

Bing - Easier to use -  Call them to review your ads.  I was shocked when Stephanie at Bing not only fixed SO many things I hadn't noticed but she reached out to me a week later and we went over it again.  Google and Bing want you to succeed, so reach out to them for help.  Again, while you are setting it up.


"That's all fine and good Captain Obvious" -but even then there are a ton of things to do in each one of those.   

Go back and peruse "Take Control of Your time"  and remember the "Touch things only once".   If you are going to set aside 50 minutes to figure out Gravity Forms:    

One window has the "How to configure"      AND        One window is for you to follow the instructions.

I do my best work - (at work) where I have the two screens and complete silence at 4:30 in the morning.  Total focus in the moment can cut hours off your time.  By the time the next person enters the floor I'm 2 hours and 2 salted caramel cappuccinos down.  

The constantly repeated "This is a marathon, not a sprint" comes to mind - take 2 weeks to constantly work on the same area of focus in 50 minute intervals and you will get more done and retain it longer.   And Yes, I have been known to break my 50 minute rule with 10 minute breaks on occasion.  


Questions you should ask if you are not jumping out of bed and filled with wonder and joy to do the task.

Did you make a "Meta-Story" about this?   Is it a 10?  Can you spend 10 minutes to really embrace this?

Did you add this to your Daily Method of Operations and give yourself credit each night when you move it forward?

Did you celebrate your last success and thank your subconscious for working with you in these joyous times?  Your subconscious doesn't know what you want and will fight you if you don't make it abundantly clear.  State to the voices in your head over and over again that you promise to yourself that "This time" I AM following through and this time I can trust me to finish it.  

Learn it - Do it - Celebrate The smallest steps as you are doing what others only dream about.








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