Magnetic Marketing: Attract vs Sell

Attract vs. Sell

Magnetic Marketing - Content Marketing

You are 600 Leads away from earning your digital freedom as an Online Digital Marketer:

IF your current Corporate boss told you:  "Get this company 600 visitors a month to walk through that door. Get 3% of them to pay for a 29.95$ widget. And we will pay you 50k a month".

HOW MUCH time during your 9-hour day would you spend working on this? Obviously skipping lunch at this point because you currently make between 3-7k a month.
So you went out and you paid people to come through the door and you were getting 600 visitors a month to walk through the door: Your excited because you knocked this out in 30 days. BUT: Almost NONE of them are buying the widget. And you’re actually down in money!
What do you do?  (97% of marketers)
Stop paying people! (3% of marketers)
Start building a relationship:

Start adding Content. Using the above example: Go back out on the street and start handing out “pamphlets” to people explaining what the widget does.
Start asking people that came out of the Store without the widget what it was that they expected and why the product didn’t meet their needs.
Wrap yourself in the product and the customer and get to know the Problem that you are solving.
Build your brand and provide content that draws people in, explains to them the pain points. Explains to them the Product and take the time to ensure there is a match.
NOW Send them into the Store and the widget is now flying off the shelf: (At approx. 3-5%)
You’re getting 20-30 applications month. You’re getting 5 level 2 sales a week. You’re getting level 3+ sales each month.

Congratulations - You've figured it out.

STOP buying and start cultivating.
STOP begging and start informing.
STOP tricking and wrap yourself in authority and genuine concern for their outcome.

This is why I started the Foundation Training Course (SFM Goals tab above)
This is why I am PUSHING people to group up and work together to MasterMind and push each other.
Commitment to YOUR Goals require you to stop being an employee. Change your mindset, Change your life.

Yes – this is a really short article. The rest can be found around the website.

Do what you know will get you where you want to be and stop procrastinating.  You can make money or you can make excuses, you cannot do both.
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Inspiration: Our destiny hinges on a mindset of bold action.  We gain power from again and again allowing ourselves to choose the kind of recklessness that allows us to be vulnerable, genuine, and brave in the pursuit of our dreams.  Brendon Burchard - Motivational Manifesto pg. 137.

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