In this exciting series of short videos, we will explore what it takes to make money from your blog in the shortest amount of time ...   This video and the next set the stage for creating an amazing blog with the maximum reach and conversion.

Each video is approx. 5 minutes long as everyone's time is short.

Thanks for taking the time -  Rob Thiebeau



Was asked for an update on the Beginning to End Steps to Success

Each one of the below will be Covered either by these videos or Live.

Tools:  Whatsapp, Zoom, Google Hangout, Facebook

Current Focus is on “Free” advertising with content:
Website optimization (with a purpose).

Website creation – Sydney, Divi, MHnewspaper, Parallax, etc.

How to use the right fonts and print sizes

Configure your pages and posts

Add Plugins – SumoMe, Instagram Feed, Paid Membership Pro (Aweber add-on)  PDF Embedding, RS Feedburner, W3 Total cache, Yoast SEO, etc.

Retargeter to have Your Product banners follow people around the internet. 

Facebook Pixel Integration to the Website to track and retarget visitors with boosts/ads

Group Call to Action -  Team clicks on your social media buttons on Your page to get their followers and the Internet for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, SumoMe, Digg, StumbleUpon. 


PHASE 2:  Instant Syndication  -  Instant Real Backlinks -  Instantly on 6 websites Same Day.

Increase your Internet Coverage and Have access to your Team-mates Fans  (the average buyer takes 4-7 times before they 'buy' the product they want that isn't a burning need.  This system allows you access to your team's followers that haven't decided "Yet" but are still reading and coming back for more information.



There are still experts today that say Syndication (Duplicate posts on different Blogs) will get you shut down on Google.  - That is not true.

Google states in their rules (Jan2017) that they make every effort to attribute

Duplicate content to the appropriate author: 

Google recommends:

  • Set a Rel=Cononical tag
  • Back(backlink) to the original Post: You should always do this anyway with a BIO and a thank you to the author
  • Set the Noindex setting on any syndicated article to ensure the original author gets the SEO credit.


Backlinksan incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website.

"the more backlinks you have pointing back to your site, the more popular it will be“

SEO experts will give you different answers on “HOW MUCH” does back-linking matter in today’s world.

Back-linking is having one website DigitalFreedomExpress hotlinked in another website.  We’re not talking about just the URL. 

You also want to ensure it is a like-minded niche.  Keeping any other links on the page to a minimum to keep it relevant.   Will 6 baby sites help?  Yes, though not as much as say .edu or .gov or MOZ, etc.   For now.


Phase 3:    Advanced Blogging Strategies:   Website/Blog Funnels:

The below is an Example of a "BLOG Funnel"   Each Post has some video and text with options available.   The Social Media buttons at the bottom of each post are set to go back to the beginning POST   [example: POSTID=376].  This ensures that no matter what post is shared the customers they bring in start at the beginning.

Blog Funnel

1. Access to our exclusive Members-only site, which includes our step-by-step Online Business Success Module. Here you will learn our proven steps to making an income online. This could be for the sale of your very own product or as an affiliate for someone else's.

2. Our 4-Part 'Digital Life' video training series explaining how to build a successful lifestyle business from scratch. In this exclusive series, you'll learn exactly how to set yourself up with a business that is designed from the very start to provide you with utter lifestyle freedom.

3. Exclusive invitation to join our founders on their live monthly Visionary Call where they'll give you the inside scoop on upcoming plans for SFM and how they’ll benefit your business progress. PLUS you'll also be invited to attend our live Master Marketing Mastermind sessions where you'll get invaluable insights and tactics for growing your business fast.

4. Your very own SFM Business System consultant, on hand to support you every step of the way. We know that anything new can easily seem daunting, so we've removed this stress factor by providing you with one-on-one support to ensure you can easily implement the steps you learn with us.

Digital Skills Platform powered by Grovo - full access to our cutting-edge Digital Skills Platform where you can boost your online skills even while you take a quick coffee break! Grovo is the world's leader in microlearning that is scientifically proven to engage your mind and stick. Whether you're on the go using your smartphone/ tablet/laptop or at home with a couple of minutes to spare on your computer, you'll be amazed at how quickly you'll pick up new skills.