For the people that have a "WHY" and are dedicated to changing their current circumstances.  Membership includes:

Access to pages with Text / Audio / Video for each piece of content 

Access to 26 E-books (PDF's and Audio):   13 Health-Cybernetic videos / 13 Marketing topics a year.   

Access to all future content to all websites created.


Focus on the beginner and the first 90 days:   
What steps to take to reduce the 1 year 'normal' process down to a few months.
Learn top to bottom creation of your authority site
Learn the plugins, applications, and layout for automation
Review analytics to gauge content delivery, time and conversion
Review user interests and behavior

After setup:

Review SEO optimization:  Titles, tags, signature, syndication, backlinking.

Review Membership sites:  Creating and maintaining a membership site

Review Content Funnels:  Advanced methods that provide the most value.

MindSet - Cybernetic self-development

The blueprints that focus on the you a year from now and work backwards from there.

Your mindset - goals - motivation - planning - review - completion

 Videos and speaking in public