Affiliate Marketing Success: Ep2 Objections

Objections are interest - Silence is what should bother you


What are the “Objections” – the only way to reduce resistance to your (idea/service/product)

is to list out the top 10 – 20 most prevalent objections to what you present to customers: and then answer them.


Example:  Affiliate Network Marketing


  1. This is selling memberships to sell memberships – the hardest and worst stigma in networking.

A1 -  Yes it is one of the hardest niche’s in affiliate marketing.  Selling weight loss or get your ex-back is much easier.   And much less profitable provides less of a foundation to your overall goals.

A2 -  The difference being this is membership to the Six Figure Mentors – Digital Experts Academy.   A program with a dozen live teachers that come out every week and teach the fundamentals of your craft.  Not only in affiliate marketing but of physical products and/or your own products.

A3 -  If you went to culinary school would you hope they teach you the easiest dishes?  If you attended Chicago art institute they stopped at watercolors?  If you went to MIT would you stop at multiplications?

  • Most of the others are Free: (Value Difference)

A1 -  Most of the others give you’re a “Link” and you are on your own or get a video library or Youtube to learn.

A2 -  Name one thing you’ve received for Free that lasted even year let alone five or ten?

A3 -  Selling is hard – there will be days when you will want it all to end.   This is where the backoffice, Instructors and community come into play


  • I want to make 5k > 10k a month – with 500$ a month total - now

A1 -  This can be done in a year or two or three depending on the “TIME” you use to supplement the money. 

A2 -  Name any industry, product or method that you feel five hundred dollars can turn into 10 thousand?  Stock market, bonds, bitcoin, saving accounts, CD’s.   If I told you of a stock today that would double your money would you take it?  Most of the above options do 2-6% or say 525$  

A3 -  Is it just the money?  Or do you want the ‘system’ to prove that you can do this before you decide to put any effort into it?  How about we set achievable beginner goals and work forward from there.

  • It costs too much, this is all about the upsell

A1  It does cost a lot depending on the level you voluntarily decide to advance in the Academy.   There is a Free affiliate level that allows you to make 20$ – 100$ and  250$ commissions with some passive income on a few affiliate essential products.   There is the Basic commission for 197$/297$ and monthly subscription that allows for additional passive income.   The optional Elite+, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Black levels allow for much higher commissions with advanced training and mentoring

A2 – CIO magazine listed the colleges offering ‘good’ social media certificates:  Rutgers is $3900, Pepperdine $2500+, Univ. California $6575, Georgetown $4165.   Do they offer a commission?  Do they teach you how to ‘actually’ market by doing real world make money marketing?  How many classes do they give?  (answer is between 5-10 on average, 17 for Hootsuite at $262 a month.    When you complete their courses you walk away with a certificate of completion.

A3 -  Never apologize for helping someone that typed into Google:  “How to start an Online business” if you are offering them an actual solution, you are going to be their sponsor.  AND you are going to help them through the beginner days to ensure they do well if they take consistent action.  If there are any Upsells after that you have built trust and SHOULD be rewarded with return service.  It is the actual core tenant of the academy.   Provide service after the first sale to continue to build trust and friendship to allow for future sales.

  •  I can’t talk to people

A1 -  That will come in time, and you will be watching others talk to people, you will be working within your own mastermind team and talking with them and getting pointers.

A2 -  Dale Carnegie (Speaking for Success) Listen to the audio book this week and let me know if this opportunity to fix that ailment is being cultivated.

A3 -  Expand upon item A2 -  If you want to start a business of any kind, its customers need love and attention as if it was you asking.   Remember, a while back when it was you asking?  Just talk to people the exact same way you would expect someone to talk to you.   NO early morning D.J voices or the fast talking disclaimer guy at the end of commercials.   What are the flaws.  What are the benefits.  What are the expected hurdles and how can you avoid them?

  • I don’t have the time

A1 -  How many books did you read last year?  Was it more than the amount of re-re-runs that you watched on television?  How many games of Call of Duty? Madden or the new PS4 googles?   Do you think you could listen to an audio book to and from work or at night?   Maybe get up a few minutes early to make the bed (If nobody is in there) and go over your goals?   Review the instructions you gave (Tony Robbins is my high five goals oriented voice in my head) your subconscious to have ready tomorrow.

A2 – Isn’t that one of the reasons most people are looking to start a business online?  Many of them say “Money”, but when you do the five ‘whys’ it almost always come back to taking care of elderly parents, children, cars, insurance, college, marriage, vacations, more time, freedom and then just money.  There is nothing wrong with making money by the way, especially when it helps all those around you.

A3.  See question 3 about Money:  IF you don’t have the time you have to have the money.  If you don’t have the money you have to be able to wait a while longer in preparation time.

  • I have no technical skills – never built a website or ‘whatever goes with it”

A1 – Nobody on my team had the slightest notion on website design or optimization.   Someone on the team normally figures it out and shares with the rest.  In most cases we have team mates specialize in an area, come back and show the rest of us.   I was blessed with a lifetime of Information Technology jobs so I do most of that in the beginning and then delegate as people figure out what they like to do.

A2 – Hence, the academy part of the membership.  Yes, we are a GREAT family online, but we still attend the webinars and live feeds weekly as part of our curriculum.   Different members go to different classes based on “timing” and send notes to the others if something cool happened.

  • I have no marketing skills – never sold ‘anything’

A1   Ever got a raise?   Talked a significant other into a movie, trip, type of car, certain pizza place, a brand of tissue paper that was much more expensive, for a reason. 

A2   See technical skills answers:

  • I am not an authority

A1 - Of course you are not an authority, name anyone that was day 1 on the job – any job?  Were you and authority of bike riding, swimming, baking when you first started.  Build up to that status.  Most people quit so the top 5% is closer than most think.

A2 – I wasn’t an authority in August

  • Affiliate marketing is shady: Mostly scams

A1 -  SOME affiliate marketing had a stigma.   Real affiliate marketing is used by 84% of the brands on the internet.  

A2 -  Affiliate marketing is estimated to garner 6.5 billion dollars from 2015 > 2020 and so far they have been under in their assessments.

A3 -  You are marketing a “College/Academy” that teaches people the foundation of online business, how to be an affiliate, sell virtual or physical products and after the training, to be successful no matter the product-line or method being used at that time.

  • I would rather sell a single product for a flat fee and that’s it.

A1 – You can do that.  I do that with a few useful items I needed to use.

A2 – So a 30$ sale means you would have to sell 100 to 200 every months or many per day?   How did you plan on doing this?

A3 -  The difficulty in Network Marketing has its perks on the other end:   You have the potential to make up to 8k+ commissions and quite a bit of every month subscription commissions.


IF a client is stalling and asking questions after you have covered your top Questions and Answers:  Do NOT focus on the rejection of the sale – take that moment to clearly identify the objections and really dig into them to help you prepare for the next presentation.

Want to REALLY prepare?  - Take each one of your answers and share with your team.   Have them come up with questions to your answers or any glaring questions you might have missed.   My above questions/answers were 90% first draft free flow typing,  I’m missing a good 20+ questions.




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