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Digital Experts Academy vs. Social Media Colleges:

CIO Magazine put out the top “Social Media Marketing” Colleges of 2016

The University of California, Irvine (UCI) offers a Social Media Specialized Studies Award through its extended learning program. Students must successfully complete courses totaling at least nine units. The program costs a minimum of $2,590
Hootsuite and S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications offer an Advanced Social Media Strategy Certification program that costs $2,200. The curriculum typically takes three months to complete and includes 15 courses
Georgetown University's school of continuing studies offers a program for Social Media Management that costs $4,165. Students must have bachelor's degrees (or equivalent) and at least one year of professional work experience in communications, marketing or media prior to enrollment. Over the next year.
Pepperdine University's Graziadio School of Business and Management offers a program for Social Media Professional Certification that is only available online. The program, which costs Social Media Professional: $1,499
Social Media Strategist: $2,499 Strategist and Professional Bundle: $3,498* (Video showing you can make UP to 82k a year depending on the courses your take)

The University of California, Los Angeles offers an extended-learning program in social media and analytics that costs a minimum of $6,575 and requires students to complete at least 10 specialized courses
Students can earn a "mini MBA" in Social Media Marketing from Rutgers Business School, the program costs $3,995. The curriculum is available online, in the form of 10 courses
AND at the end you get a “Certificate” - and a pat on the head to go out and now find a job to make money..
I have my 17-year-old daughter enrolled in Hootsuite as they have the best curriculum AND is valuable to other marketing techniques.
******************************** Then you have ******************************
Six Figure Mentors > Digital Experts Academy does it differently:
You are the Marketing that bring in the Students.  As you watch the 100’s of mini-videos, Webinars, and work on the different methods. There is no grade other than the income you can generate.

The above is my version: The official is posted on the SFM Website:

The Goal is not to stay in Six Figure mentors forever, but to build your brand so when you do leave you can coach, help other businesses or start your own business you have the foundation in place.  Or what I call “Earn while you Learn” Of the 6 people on my team 3 of us have our own business that we are working on, and 3 of us have not.

This is NOT a get rich quick plan. You should expect to learn no differently than if you took the 17 courses at Hootsuite or the 10 courses at the University of California.
Though the Teachers (Live webinars and Coaches) have made a metric ton more money than the person you contact if you get stuck on one of the 10 Rutgers courses that take about 35-40 hours online for 3,495.
I know anyone that joins through me: Gets 1 on 1 step by step walk through to form a team. Everyone works better as a team. We use Whatsapp to chat on the phone and Zoom to meet on weekends.




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