Visualization and Strategy Goal Mapping

Visualization Goals
Visualization and Strategy Goal Mapping:

"Every day, in every way.  I am growing and getting better and better."  Émile Coué

"partial wiki copy" -

Coué … had been operating a free clinic at his home in Nancy, France, [since 1910] where he used the psychological technique of non-hypnotic suggestion as group treatment, not only for the supposed mental and physical healing of his patients, but also for enabling them to improve their character and to attain a confident self-mastery.
He argued that no suggestion made by himself became a reality unless it was translated by his patients into their own autosuggestion.     Hence they really healed themselves, and could do this even without his

He argued that no suggestion made by himself became a reality unless it was translated by his patients into their own autosuggestion.     Hence they really healed themselves, and could do this even without his
presence if they used the formula "Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better."
Rather than making any effort of the will about it, they were to employ this suggestion while in a state of passive relaxation, such as upon awakening or just before going to bed at night.

In recent years, neuroscience has proven that when repetition is combined with a clear visualization or picture of an intended/desired outcome, the four different parts of our brain begin to work together in unison.  The outcome is less self-sabotage, increased effectiveness, ease and flow and an increase in one's desired outcome.

(Rthuba) - I say this in the morning and when i go to bed at night - though I also use a "meta-story" based in the future of what i truly want, and then work backward (Quarter/Month/Week/Day) on the important tasks that need to be done to get to that point.    "Stuart Lichtman - This will be in the next week series of email"

The above is the short term process and will take you through the day - We want to take you through the year.

Page 60-61 of Brendon Burchard's "Motivational Manifesto"

"Ambition and expectation are just the beginning of the process.  They are the spark of motivation. Unfortunately, many people never fan the flames of motivation by keeping their focus on their dreams.  The triathlete must do more than simply believe in his dream once in a while. He must continue making choices that sustain the desire.  He must run and sweat and fight for growth.  And he must do this over and over again.   The sustaining choices of motivation are thus attention and effort.

Motivation feels fickle only to those who have been inattentive to their ambitions.  An undirected mind has little drive other than the baseline human impulses, sustained motivation not being among them.  We must refocus. Giving our ambitions consistent mental attention keeps the drive alive, our energies swirling in anticipation.  This can be as easy as reviewing our goals each day, journaling about our desires each night, regularly setting aside moments to visualize what we want and schedule our next steps.

This is where so many people fail.  the distractions of the day steal their mental focus and thus their motivations. The real downfall for many people isn't that they are "unmotivated" people, but that they are simply distracted, too absentminded to sustain motivation.  It may be that the world isn't giving us what we want simply because our own lack of focus make it unclear what we are asking for.

We mustn't let out dreams die in the daylight because we lose focus while responding to the world's lame interests or false emergencies.

We mustn't take our eyes off our own goals, as we dispatch mundane tasks of the day or await the "right time" to begin what we truly want to do.  When we allow our unawareness, our motivation is dragged along behind it.

So let us keep our minds on our motives. Let us hold our grand visions in view, with dreams popping with color across the conscious dashboard of our minds every single day.  Let us sit and meditate on what we want and see those desires come into fruition over and over again.

Some might fear that we are cultivating an obsession.  We are.  We are becoming obsessed with a mighty aim, putting our full attention and zeal , perhaps for the first time, into something that truly matters to us. We should not fear an obsession for building a great and free life.  Without such willed attention, our motivation would descend into halfhearted hopes, flirty arousals of the heart have no staying power.

It is the obvious equation and the ultimate secret:  The deeper and longer I give attention to my ambitions and passions, the more motivations I feel.

This is running long:  to be cont:  Income Producing Activities



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Inspiration:  Let us remember that when we take action, an invisible force gathers all around us, pulling in opportunities that align with our purpose, propelling us with momentum to our freedom.  Brendon Burchard - Motivational Manifesto - pg. 143


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